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Aluminum Casting roller
Aluminum Casting roller

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  HZZG casting roller comprise a roller body, a shell fitted over the roller body and longitudinally extending coolant passages. Coolant passages are between roller body and shell. Casting roller is manufactured wherein a chromium layer is plated onto the inside surface of the shell and two overlays of stainless steel of different hardness are deposited on the surface of the roller core, thus significantly prolong the life of the casting roller. Continuous aluminum casting mill comprise a pair of parallel , water-cooled, counter-rotating casting roller. After being in use for a given period, the surface of the casting roller must be reground because of heat cracks resulting from thermal fatigue and out of roundness due to galling between caster core and shell. Accordingly, the shells surrounding the cores must be removed periodically, and the cores repaired and reground before rebuilding of the roll assembly.


  HZZG casting roller technical parameter

Roller material: 32Cr3Mo1V

Chemical analysis


0.27 - 0.37


0.20 - 0.40


0.20 -0.50


< 0.025


< 0.025


< 0.25


2.70 - 3.20


< 0.25


0.9 - 1.10


0.15 - 0.20


385 - 415 HB

Roller core material: 42CrMo


                    Pictures of HZZG casting roller manufacturing process 


casting roller core


casting roller shell

assembly of casting roller core and shell





Finish machining of casting roller


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