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Advantages of irreversible cold rolling mills
Advantages of irreversible cold rolling mills

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Advantages of irreversible aluminum rolling machine

Cold rolling mill production process is: feeding car will double cone type uncoiler reel to straight head machine, roll straight head, use feeder the coil end led by hydraulic shear evacuation rolling head. When a roll is rolled to the end, the mill stops with hydraulic shear tail and feeds the tail to the jaw of another reel, and then rolls.

The working system of aluminum rolling mill can be divided into irreversible and reversible according to operation mode. Reversible intermittent time is short, the production efficiency is high. However, each change of the rolling direction must be adjusted down, front and back tension, process lubrication and roll shape and other conditions, in order to roll out the uniform thickness and flat surface of the strip. Moreover, the adjustment speed is difficult to improve, the rolling condition is difficult to maintain stability, and the manual operation has more influence. In addition, the structure of rolling mill is complex and the cost is higher. The utility model is suitable for rolling in a short time and adopts continuous rolling over a plurality of times on the same rolling mill.

aluminum rolling machine

aluminum cold rolling machine



On the contrary, the irreversible aluminum rolling mill can only be rolled in one direction. When a certain rolling condition is adjusted, multi roll rolling can be realized, which can not only reduce the adjustment workload, but also ensure the relative stability of rolling conditions. The utility model is characterized in that the structure is simple, the cost is low, the conveying device is used to return the belt coil, and the cooling condition of the roller and the rolled piece is good. Compared with reversible rolling, the rolling speed can be improved and the quality of strip is more stable.


aluminum rolling machine

aluminum cold rolling machine



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